I have often had day dreams of opening up my own weed dispensary. I think it is a very progressive and legal way to bring weed out into the public eye. We can all see the effect it had in California as they vote on marijuana legalization in November. The number of dispensaries in California dramatically increased over the past 5 years despite frustrating interventions from the federal government. I believe that the states should make their laws as they see first and the federal government should keep their noses out of business which I, as a full blooded American, feel they have no business being in.

The explosion in the number of dispensaries is common sense. A legal way to sell pot? I’m there. I feel that its great that the states are seeing the benefits o marijuana use and that these unique businesses have found their own little niche. The city of LA does not seem to believe in survival of the fittest when it comes to local business. The Sun published an article that stated that many LA dispensaries will be forced to close their doors simply because the number of dispensaries have gotten out of control. TAKE A HINT! the people know what they want, and have had to deal with bogus prohibition for too long. If there is 5000 dispensaries in a given area, and they are all able to survive due to the demand of these types of businesses…. where is the problem.

If their were too many dispensaries, my years of education tell me that due to the laws of supply and demand, some would be forced to close solely because of the amount of demand for medical marijuana would be spread too thin because of the large number of dispensaries. If the 5000 can operate comfortably while making a decent profit, then honestly… who the fuck cares.

I feel like the state government should welcome the extra revenue brought in by this rush of new business which never existed before! You can only fathom the hundreds of thousands that the local governments in California are raking in. This is all money that goes back to the public (a little anyway!) In the form of public services.

What’s the big deal LA?