The issue is coming to your doorstep.  Whose state will be next?  I know that my state will probably be one of the last to reform their laws on the use of marijuana, but it doesn’t stop me from cheering at news like this. There is now a bill in the Pennsylvania House that would legalize medical marijuana. First medical marijuana, then recreational use… then THE WORLD!!

More and more states are following suit and are considering legislation to make it legal for infirm (sick) patients to smoke their pot to ease their pain without getting hassled by the man. Pennsylvania lawmakers are now considering doing the same. Supporters call medical marijuana humane, but opponents say it’s just a stepping stone to legalizing the drug entirely. It is a shame that we have to go this route instead of people just waking up and realizing that it is a harmless plant that never hurt anyone. 

Supporters tout the fact that the local industry would be regulated and secure.  I believe it will be.  Unless properly regulated, residents will not tolerate it in their towns.  Every little piece of this new brings a smile to my face.  Like I have stated before; it is unfortunate that we have to go about it this way…

The prohibition of marijuana is a fucking crock.  Do some research on how marijuana prohibition all started and you will be shocked, just as I was.  Check out this map provided by NORML (probably the most up to date source that you can find online.)


This shows how the laws for marijuana use vary; state by state.  It is provided by NORML.  Click on the map to visit their website and get detailed stats on your state. 

Support is growing America.  It is about fucking time.