If you rely on marijuana for its medicinal purposes or you smoke it as a recreational activity, you should know that this November,  an important bill will be voted on in the state of California which wins to legalize the consumption and growth of marijuana.  It is time to get involved and do your part to be heard.

Marijuana prohibition is inherently a bad idea which was deceitfully voted into effect which criminalized the use of a plant has a rich history and a variety of benefits.  Someone from a younger generation that researches the history if Marijuana prohibition will be astounded how this piece of legislation ever got passed. It has to be reversed. If the federal government will not budge from their position, we must as people get pot legalized at the state level. We must get involved with organizations that aim to overthrow the prohibition of weed.

Once California votes on the proposition to legalize marijuana, it will have a domino effect on the rest of the nation and other states will follow suit. I imagine sometime in the nit to distant future where we will have a marijuana civil war which pits the states for and the states against marijuana legalization against each other. Protecting and enforcing a differing state law at state borders will become increasingly important to states and the united states federal government. I feel that some states may create harsher punishments related to marijuana as a retaliatory action towards neighboring states.

As marijuana restrictions are dropped from state to state, we will eventually begin to convince our government towards full legalization. Pressure from outside governments may push the feds further in the legalization direction seeing as How other countries may see a huge benefit to the legalization in the US. We already get most of our pot from Mexico and Canada anyway… now they would be able to claim it to be one of their major exports to the united states.

Get involved people! Now is the time!

Get the fuck off yo couch!

Support NORML.