Building bongs is a fun hobby for crafty smokers. For my friends and I making homemade bongs was a test of our mechanical skills which seemed to be enhanced once we started toking. Buy bongs? We were bong engineers when we smoked.

There are many reasons for building bongs instead of buying bongs.

  1. You spent all your money on the marijuana you are about to smoke.
  2. You just really bored?
  3. You opened your own homemade store where people can buy bongs (Awesome idea). If you make a store for this, at least throw some credit my way, or a free bong.
  4. You are a mechanically inclined smoker who enjoys building things and tinkering in general.

Send in pictures of your homemade bongs and they will be featured here!


Bongs can be made out of lots of different materials, and all have the same basic principle.  If you have never made one, you will get the idea after looking at a few.

The coolest bong I ever made was from one of these…

Anyways… lets get started.  We will start with the most simple bong you can make.

Water Bottle Bong #1

Items Required: Water bottle, bic pen, tape or gum, and something to make holes with, and a screen or tin foil.