Smoking marijuana to most Americans an enjoyable and relaxing recreational activity.  It’s not hard to understand why.  It is safer than alcohol, yet your favorite relaxing method is illegal.  Yea, its bullshit… but wake up and face that getting busted for smoking or holding a little marijuana will still get you in some pretty deep trouble.

Since that recreational activity can get you busted, it is very important to know a thing or two to defend yourself against the law.  There are many websites that can give you tips on how to act, what to do and what to say to lessen the chances that you will get caught, and ultimately be served some kind of punishment for smoking a plant (cigarettes are much worse and 10 times as addictive, IMO).  One such website really stands out.  “Never Get Busted Again” by Barry Cooper, provides a short list of free tips to never get busted again for using marijuana. 

Disclaimer: does not endorse this product (we just like the website) is where you can find these amazing tips.  A lot of different topics are covered and it is an interesting read whether or not you smoke marijuana.  Barry Cooper sells a DVD packed with more tips.  You thought you were going to get it all for free?  Well, you get a lot of tips from the website from a former police officer who has been around the block.  If you purchase the DVD, let us know how it is. 

Here is a really interesting video about Barry that is on his website.