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4 Bongs You Need, in a Perfect World

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last couple years, you know that everybody and their political brethren is taking one side or another with legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. But let’s pretend for idealistic moment, that we need a socially acceptable selection of bongs.

Just think… the moral-minority law-makers all finally woke up from the nightmare that has been, marijuana prohibition. What a wonderful world this would be…

In this ideal world we’ve imagined, you’re gonna need to “tool up” to survive socially… You’ll need rolling papers and roach clips, scales, pipes, screens, grinders, pokers and the like. Plus, you’ll need a nice box to keep it all in. (Like you don’t have those things already… 🙂

Now, in this brave new world it’s socially acceptable to catch a buzz by yourself or with friends. But, being health conscious, you’re also going to need several bongs to fit just the right mood and occasion. Here are several “occasion bongs” that you’re going to need to avoid committing a big social boner.

Personal Bong: No need to drag out the big gun if it’s just little ole’ you catchin’ a buzz. You need something a bit smaller. Something that just holds a couple of good hits to set yourself right again. You don’t need any muss or fuss about it. You know you just wanna grab a few tokes, chill into some music and find some easy munchies to stuff in your pie hole.

Intimate Bong: When you’ve got your favorite guy or girl over, your personal bong just isn’t gonna cut the mustard. You know you’re gonna need something bigger to hold their interest. Your little pea-shooter is just too much hassle having to reload every other hit or two. You also don’t need a party bong for just the two of you and you’re gonna need to leave a hand free for other activities… 😉

Friendly Bong: Okay, you’ve invited a friend over after work for a little smoke-out. But you’re not going to break out your intimate bong for them. That one’s for you and your SO. What to do, what to do? Hmmm… How about that medium-sized bong with a nice size bowl? It’s got a kill-hole so you’re not choking your damn-fool head off with every other hit. Load it a couple times, and you’re both good to go.

Party Bong: Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve a got a whole bunch of people over and they’re all set to “burn down the house.” Now’s the time for getting out the big ole’ “earth mover” you stashed away for special occasions like this. You know, the bong that has like four hoses and bowl that’ll swallow your whole paycheck in one sitting. It’s the bong that you sit in the middle of the table. You each take turns running your lighter out of gas to keep it burning at full volume. Yea, that one…

Bong Advice: Don’t end up wearing your ass for a hat and looking like you have no bong etiquette or class. You need to “tool up” with the right bong to get the most out of this lifestyle. No matter the social situation you find yourself in, you should always be prepared.

If you’re missing any of these bongs in your collection, you should check out what the fine folks over at have to offer. They’ve got over 20 kinds of bongs, with countless styles to choose from to fit each social situation you find yourself in.

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The New York Times’ Surprising Support of Marijuana Legalization

The latest news finds The New York Times standing strong behind the fight for marijuana legalization. Possibly the most well-respected newspaper in the nation, The New York Times has just ended a six-part, interactive editorial series in which their support of decriminalizing marijuana is examined, and readers were encouraged to comment to demonstrate their stance. This is a momentous movement for the generally conservative publication. Times’ editorial board weighed the pros and cons of marijuana use and agreed that although there are concerns, all-in-all, the substance is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. The board believes the sale of marijuana should be legal for those over 21 years of age to deter use by minors.

Comments from the readers mostly reiterated the views of the editorial board-reasons such as marijuana being less dangerous than alcohol, and the fact that incarceration for using marijuana was far more detrimental than the actual drug itself. However, some readers had interesting personal experiences to share, such as Justine, a nurse from Oregon:

“I have yet to see one patient come through our doors suffering the long-term consequence of pot use. Not one. Alcohol? I can’t even begin to count. And when they do, it is very ugly. Patients in the E.R. because someone smoked a couple of joints and got violent? Not so much.”

Some readers support marijuana legalization for libertarian reasons-one reader objects to the government deeming what is “dangerous” and therefore cannot be used. He goes on to list dangerous activities that are not illegal that are more likely to cause irreparable harm, such as sky-diving, hunting, and the scores of unnatural foods that we consume. Some readers suggest that legalizing marijuana would take power away from drug cartels and gangs that currently profit from selling it. They suggest taxing marijuana sales as a way to repair some of the nation’s fiscal problems.

There were, of course, some readers who were not pleased with the Times’ standpoint. A few readers were shocked and disappointed that the publication would support such a reckless view. Many of these comments came from readers with an extremist view of outlawing everything-even alcohol and tobacco. However, the majority of comments from readers showed that they agreed with the editorial board in their support for marijuana legalization.

The New York Times based their decision to back legalization of marijuana after prolonged discussion and observation of the recent experiences in Colorado since legalization. The fact that there have not been any extreme problems in Colorado caused by legalization supports their view. In fact, a recent article from The Washington Post states that highway fatalities are at an all-time low in the state of Colorado since marijuana legalization. The fact that road accidents are decreasing in Colorado proves that legalization of marijuana did not result in “drugged driver” destruction on the roadways that many anticipated.

The New York Times’ support of legalizing marijuana is significant. Their endorsement could be the beginning of support surfacing from other surprising areas-politicians, organizations, and other conservative publications. Their support, and the agreement of their readers, shows that this is a topic that affects people in all walks of life.

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Top 10 Ways to Clean Your Bong

1. Lemon Juice

If you add about 10 drops of lemon juice to the water, it will prevent residue from forming to the side of the glass.  The bong must be clean first though. This is not a perfect solution, but you will find that cleaning your bong will be easier.  This may help with residue that forms in the bubbler.

2. Isopropyl alcohol and Epsom salt

This is the most thorough method practiced by professional potheads after each session.   You will need one bottle of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a carton of Epsom salt.  Swirl a mix of alcohol, salt, and water around in the bong, sometimes several times, until the bong is purchase clean again. The salts work as a scrubbing agent and the alcohol as a solvent.

3. Everclear and Kosher salt

Same idea as above.  The everclear acts as the solvent and the salt will do the scrubbing.  If using this method to clean your bong, be sure to wash it out thoroughly, as the everclear won’t evaporate as well as ISO alcohol.

4. Isopropyl alcohol and Rice

This one sounds interesting.  Seems like a waste of rice though.

5. Grunge Off 

“Our exclusive formula cleans away grungy build-up and cuts through residue rapidly to get sparkling clean results. Grunge Off advanced cleaning technology ensures optimum results in optimal time. Contents are non-toxic, non-gritty and naturally earth-friendly. Grunge Off Super Soaker’s advanced cleaning formula deodorizes and sanitizes too!” –

One interesting thing to note is that many people say Grunge Off is reusable.

6. Mouth Wash

Mouth wash is a surprisingly good bong cleaner, and as an added plus, it leaves your bong hits tasting minty fresh!

7. Ice Cream Salt and Isopropyl alcohol

Morton’s Ice Cream Salt (any brand will do but it’s just the one I prefer and can be found anywhere including K-Mart and Wal-Mart) and rubbing alcohol (the higher percentage the better).

Pour the ice cream salt into the bong (sorta like diffuser beads), and pour enough rubbing alcohol to moisten the ice cream salt and proceed to shake your bong repeatedly so that the ice cream salt rubs along the inside of the bong. Rinse with water and repeat until all the resin is removed. After a few of these your glass will be looking brand new.

8. Isopropyl alcohol

Just soak your dirty bong or pipe in alcohol for about 24 hours (if you can go that long without using it), and then rinse clean.  Most pieces should rinse clean after a single treatment.

9. Efferdent Denture Cleaner

Pop one of these tabs into your glass piece and you will have a nice clean bong.  Now you can clean your dentures, and you bong with one easy to use product.

10. Rubbing Alcohol and Cascade

The Cascade acts as an abrasive since it doesn’t seem to be very soluble in water. When you’re done shaking the piece, pour the alcohol out and put some warm water in the piece. The cascade will now turn into more of a soap and just rinse it out a few times with more warm water. It really gets rid of the alcohol smell and the glass will be super clean.


Overall, there are some major concerns that come with cleaning your bong.  Some methods may leave cleaning residue or soap inside your glass.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly after you remove your cleaning solution.  Also remember that we are dealing with glass here, so be sure to handle it delicately.  When swirling solution, be sure to grip your bong firmly at the base and hold the stem steady so you don’t create pressure cracks in the glass.

The greatest bong ever!

Messias Illusion Single Perc Bong

Messias Illusion Single Percolator Bong

Dude, you have to buy this bong. It is by far the nicest thing I have ever smoked out of.

The percolator is cool and everything, but what I love is that it was my first real bong purchase, and the first ice bong I have ever owned. If you have never smoked out of an ice bong, you should either by this shit right now… or find a friend that has one.

Look at the glass work on this guy

Messias Illusion Single Percolator

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