Marijuana Legalization Sets its Sites on Our Nation’s Capital

The movement for the legalization of marijuana seems to be on an upward trend unlike we have ever witnessed in the history of the United States for, well, just about anything. Imagine what would have happened just 5 years ago if the proponents of the cause stood up for the rights of pot and pot smokers (hint: it involves the cops). So any time the legalization of America’s favorite herb makes it to the ballot, it’s big news.

Who’s the latest? Washington D.C…

That’s right, this coming November, residents of the District of Columbia will vote for the legalization of marijuana thanks to a ballot initiative submitted by the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, which garnered enough signatures to qualify for the general election in just a few short months.

As reported by, if enough people turn out and vote in favor, here’s what will happen:

Ballot Initiative 71 proposes allowing adults over the age of 21 to legally possess up to two ounces of marijuana, as well as give (but not sell, as the initiative clearly states) up to one ounce to other adults.

But for residents of D.C., don’t hold your breath too long if Ballot Initiative 71 gets the go ahead with enough votes. Turns out that just because enough people agree on a a proposition, and vote to enact it as law, marijuana won’t just automatically be “legal.”

Dr. Malik Burnett, an organizer with the Drug Policy Alliance in D.C., says there may need to be some additional research on the topic, but stated that due process will likely get in the way of immediate inaction.

But this news isn’t all for naught. In order for Ballot Initiative 71 to even be considered, The Cannabis Campaign needed 23,780 signatures to get it put on the November ballot. How many did they get? More than 57,000. Nice turn out. You think Barry “Choom Gang” Obama was one of them?

The Cannabis Campaign’s next goal is to register voters to march to the polls this fall. “We hope to register tens of thousands of voters,” says campaign chairman Adam Eidinger. Well, Mr. Chairman, we hope you do too.

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Marijuana Legalization in Texas

Steve Nolin, the president of the Houston Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), wrote in the James A. Baker Institute for Public Policy blog in the Houston Chronicle that he is upbeat that marijuana legalization is coming to Texas. He predicts that in 2015, some form of medicinal marijuana law will pass in the Texas legislature. By 2017, marijuana will be regulated in the Lone Star State much as alcohol is.

There is some dispute over that last prediction, with some analysts picking later dates and at least one predicting that it won’t happen any time soon in Texas. In fact a group of Texas sheriffs have released a report, citing what they say is data from Colorado, where recreational pot is legal, advising against any move to legalize marijuana, even for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal marijuana is already enjoying wide spread acceptance, with as many as 65 percent of respondents of a recent poll take in Houston favoring its legalization. A possibility that the use of cannabis derived oil, which does not have any of the psychoactive properties of pot, but does have some benefit in calming seizures, will be legalized.

The key to legalizing marijuana in Texas, according to Nolin, is to not say that it is being legalized. Legalization brings forth images of pot heads running wild in the grip of reefer madness in the imagination of opponents. Instead, the bill should be about “regulating” marijuana. Regulation sounds safe, more in line with the law and order culture in Texas. Law enforcement already knows how to regulate things like alcohol, so moving pot from a black market to a regulated market should not be very hard.

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4 Bongs You Need, in a Perfect World

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last couple years, you know that everybody and their political brethren is taking one side or another with legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. But let’s pretend for idealistic moment, that we need a socially acceptable selection of bongs.

Just think… the moral-minority law-makers all finally woke up from the nightmare that has been, marijuana prohibition. What a wonderful world this would be…

In this ideal world we’ve imagined, you’re gonna need to “tool up” to survive socially… You’ll need rolling papers and roach clips, scales, pipes, screens, grinders, pokers and the like. Plus, you’ll need a nice box to keep it all in. (Like you don’t have those things already… 🙂

Now, in this brave new world it’s socially acceptable to catch a buzz by yourself or with friends. But, being health conscious, you’re also going to need several bongs to fit just the right mood and occasion. Here are several “occasion bongs” that you’re going to need to avoid committing a big social boner.

Personal Bong: No need to drag out the big gun if it’s just little ole’ you catchin’ a buzz. You need something a bit smaller. Something that just holds a couple of good hits to set yourself right again. You don’t need any muss or fuss about it. You know you just wanna grab a few tokes, chill into some music and find some easy munchies to stuff in your pie hole.

Intimate Bong: When you’ve got your favorite guy or girl over, your personal bong just isn’t gonna cut the mustard. You know you’re gonna need something bigger to hold their interest. Your little pea-shooter is just too much hassle having to reload every other hit or two. You also don’t need a party bong for just the two of you and you’re gonna need to leave a hand free for other activities… 😉

Friendly Bong: Okay, you’ve invited a friend over after work for a little smoke-out. But you’re not going to break out your intimate bong for them. That one’s for you and your SO. What to do, what to do? Hmmm… How about that medium-sized bong with a nice size bowl? It’s got a kill-hole so you’re not choking your damn-fool head off with every other hit. Load it a couple times, and you’re both good to go.

Party Bong: Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve a got a whole bunch of people over and they’re all set to “burn down the house.” Now’s the time for getting out the big ole’ “earth mover” you stashed away for special occasions like this. You know, the bong that has like four hoses and bowl that’ll swallow your whole paycheck in one sitting. It’s the bong that you sit in the middle of the table. You each take turns running your lighter out of gas to keep it burning at full volume. Yea, that one…

Bong Advice: Don’t end up wearing your ass for a hat and looking like you have no bong etiquette or class. You need to “tool up” with the right bong to get the most out of this lifestyle. No matter the social situation you find yourself in, you should always be prepared.

If you’re missing any of these bongs in your collection, you should check out what the fine folks over at have to offer. They’ve got over 20 kinds of bongs, with countless styles to choose from to fit each social situation you find yourself in.

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The New York Times’ Surprising Support of Marijuana Legalization

The latest news finds The New York Times standing strong behind the fight for marijuana legalization. Possibly the most well-respected newspaper in the nation, The New York Times has just ended a six-part, interactive editorial series in which their support of decriminalizing marijuana is examined, and readers were encouraged to comment to demonstrate their stance. This is a momentous movement for the generally conservative publication. Times’ editorial board weighed the pros and cons of marijuana use and agreed that although there are concerns, all-in-all, the substance is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. The board believes the sale of marijuana should be legal for those over 21 years of age to deter use by minors.

Comments from the readers mostly reiterated the views of the editorial board-reasons such as marijuana being less dangerous than alcohol, and the fact that incarceration for using marijuana was far more detrimental than the actual drug itself. However, some readers had interesting personal experiences to share, such as Justine, a nurse from Oregon:

“I have yet to see one patient come through our doors suffering the long-term consequence of pot use. Not one. Alcohol? I can’t even begin to count. And when they do, it is very ugly. Patients in the E.R. because someone smoked a couple of joints and got violent? Not so much.”

Some readers support marijuana legalization for libertarian reasons-one reader objects to the government deeming what is “dangerous” and therefore cannot be used. He goes on to list dangerous activities that are not illegal that are more likely to cause irreparable harm, such as sky-diving, hunting, and the scores of unnatural foods that we consume. Some readers suggest that legalizing marijuana would take power away from drug cartels and gangs that currently profit from selling it. They suggest taxing marijuana sales as a way to repair some of the nation’s fiscal problems.

There were, of course, some readers who were not pleased with the Times’ standpoint. A few readers were shocked and disappointed that the publication would support such a reckless view. Many of these comments came from readers with an extremist view of outlawing everything-even alcohol and tobacco. However, the majority of comments from readers showed that they agreed with the editorial board in their support for marijuana legalization.

The New York Times based their decision to back legalization of marijuana after prolonged discussion and observation of the recent experiences in Colorado since legalization. The fact that there have not been any extreme problems in Colorado caused by legalization supports their view. In fact, a recent article from The Washington Post states that highway fatalities are at an all-time low in the state of Colorado since marijuana legalization. The fact that road accidents are decreasing in Colorado proves that legalization of marijuana did not result in “drugged driver” destruction on the roadways that many anticipated.

The New York Times’ support of legalizing marijuana is significant. Their endorsement could be the beginning of support surfacing from other surprising areas-politicians, organizations, and other conservative publications. Their support, and the agreement of their readers, shows that this is a topic that affects people in all walks of life.

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Top 10 Ways to Clean Your Bong

1. Lemon Juice

If you add about 10 drops of lemon juice to the water, it will prevent residue from forming to the side of the glass.  The bong must be clean first though. This is not a perfect solution, but you will find that cleaning your bong will be easier.  This may help with residue that forms in the bubbler.

2. Isopropyl alcohol and Epsom salt

This is the most thorough method practiced by professional potheads after each session.   You will need one bottle of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a carton of Epsom salt.  Swirl a mix of alcohol, salt, and water around in the bong, sometimes several times, until the bong is purchase clean again. The salts work as a scrubbing agent and the alcohol as a solvent.

3. Everclear and Kosher salt

Same idea as above.  The everclear acts as the solvent and the salt will do the scrubbing.  If using this method to clean your bong, be sure to wash it out thoroughly, as the everclear won’t evaporate as well as ISO alcohol.

4. Isopropyl alcohol and Rice

This one sounds interesting.  Seems like a waste of rice though.

5. Grunge Off 

“Our exclusive formula cleans away grungy build-up and cuts through residue rapidly to get sparkling clean results. Grunge Off advanced cleaning technology ensures optimum results in optimal time. Contents are non-toxic, non-gritty and naturally earth-friendly. Grunge Off Super Soaker’s advanced cleaning formula deodorizes and sanitizes too!” –

One interesting thing to note is that many people say Grunge Off is reusable.

6. Mouth Wash

Mouth wash is a surprisingly good bong cleaner, and as an added plus, it leaves your bong hits tasting minty fresh!

7. Ice Cream Salt and Isopropyl alcohol

Morton’s Ice Cream Salt (any brand will do but it’s just the one I prefer and can be found anywhere including K-Mart and Wal-Mart) and rubbing alcohol (the higher percentage the better).

Pour the ice cream salt into the bong (sorta like diffuser beads), and pour enough rubbing alcohol to moisten the ice cream salt and proceed to shake your bong repeatedly so that the ice cream salt rubs along the inside of the bong. Rinse with water and repeat until all the resin is removed. After a few of these your glass will be looking brand new.

8. Isopropyl alcohol

Just soak your dirty bong or pipe in alcohol for about 24 hours (if you can go that long without using it), and then rinse clean.  Most pieces should rinse clean after a single treatment.

9. Efferdent Denture Cleaner

Pop one of these tabs into your glass piece and you will have a nice clean bong.  Now you can clean your dentures, and you bong with one easy to use product.

10. Rubbing Alcohol and Cascade

The Cascade acts as an abrasive since it doesn’t seem to be very soluble in water. When you’re done shaking the piece, pour the alcohol out and put some warm water in the piece. The cascade will now turn into more of a soap and just rinse it out a few times with more warm water. It really gets rid of the alcohol smell and the glass will be super clean.


Overall, there are some major concerns that come with cleaning your bong.  Some methods may leave cleaning residue or soap inside your glass.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly after you remove your cleaning solution.  Also remember that we are dealing with glass here, so be sure to handle it delicately.  When swirling solution, be sure to grip your bong firmly at the base and hold the stem steady so you don’t create pressure cracks in the glass.

NORML 2011 Conference, DC: NORML is now accepting registrations to attend its 2011 national conference, taking place April 21 through April 23 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Denver, Colorado – one of America’s premier ‘pot friendly’ cities.

Panel discussions at this year’s conference, which celebrates the 40-year-anniversary of NORML’s founding, will include:

  • Pot-n-Politics: 2011-2012 Marijuana Initiatives;
  • Cannabis Commerce: Coming of Age;
  • NORML Women’s Alliance: Closing The Cannabis Gender Gap;
  • Medibles: Cannabis & Cooking;
  • Marijuana and Safety: Real Myths, Real Concerns

This year’s keynote speaker will be Colorado Democrat Congressman Jared Polis.

NORML invites the public to join hundreds of likeminded marijuana law reformers at the nation’s only annual conference dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition.

Online registration, as well as further details regarding conference speakers, agenda, and social events, is available at:

    updated: Mar 10, 2011

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Criminal Charges Lessened in CA

Starting this month, the new law, SB1449 takes effect along with numerous other legislation recently signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. If caught with 1 ounce or less of marijuana the law has changed from a misdemeanor to an infraction. That means offenders will no longer face arrest, a criminal record and having to appear in court. The maximum penalty of a $100 fine and no jail time remains the same as before.

We may not have won with Prop 19 in California, but we are chipping away at the harsh laws on the books which seek to arrest and fine recreational users of marijuana.

Goodbye Proposition 19

On November 2nd, Californian residents voted on Proposition 19 aimed to legalize and tax marijuana in their state.  If it had passed, it would have allowed citizens to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and grow it in a 25 square feet section on their property. While the outcome may not have been in your favor, you can appreciate the things that were accomplished on that Tuesday. Maybe next time around, we will show stronger numbers at the polls.

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Feds enforce pot laws when Prop 19 Passes

That’s right.. I said WHEN 19 passes. The federal government has made their case clear that they intend to fully prosecute marijuana use for recreational use if and when 19 passes. Anyone that uses, grows, or distributes marijuana will be prosecuted under the full extent of the law no matter what state law in California is.

Obama let California and other states have their medical marijuana and have vowed to stop the prosecution of legitimate medical marijuana patients and dispensaries, but it seems that they have different ideas about recreational consumption. State law should be the law of the land. If Californians feel the need to legalize (as does most of the country, they should be able to do so.

Awesome video about prohibition

I found this at If anyone knows who created this video please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.

Corporate America Pushing Hard Against Prop 19

Today, a popular new aggregation site posted their official statement on why they can no longer publish advertisements supporting the Californian vote in November to legalize marijuana.

Here is there official statement…

The reddit admins were just blindsided with news that, apparently, we’re not allowed to take advertising money from sites that support California’s Prop 19 (like this one, for example). There’s a lot of rabble flying around, and we wanted to make some points:

1. This was a decision made at the highest levels of Conde Nast.
2. reddit itself strongly disagrees with it, and frankly thinks it’s ridiculous that we’re turning away advertising money.
3. We’re trying to convince Corporate that they’re making the wrong decision here, and we encourage the community to create a petition, so that your anger is organized in a way that will produce results.
4. We’re trying to get an official response from Corporate that we can post here.

Please bear with us.

Did you think that the people would have the main influence in the vote? Think again. Corporate America pushed our government to ban marijuana to banish the hemp industry in America back in the day. Looks like they are ready to battle once again.

As much as we want to see marijuana legalized in America (starting with California) I fear it will not happen, because our government has been bought and sold thousands of times over. If big business doesn’t want marijuana legalized, they will stop at nothing until they have succeeded.

November vote on marijuana legalization

If you rely on marijuana for its medicinal purposes or you smoke it as a recreational activity, you should know that this November,  an important bill will be voted on in the state of California which wins to legalize the consumption and growth of marijuana.  It is time to get involved and do your part to be heard.

Marijuana prohibition is inherently a bad idea which was deceitfully voted into effect which criminalized the use of a plant has a rich history and a variety of benefits.  Someone from a younger generation that researches the history if Marijuana prohibition will be astounded how this piece of legislation ever got passed. It has to be reversed. If the federal government will not budge from their position, we must as people get pot legalized at the state level. We must get involved with organizations that aim to overthrow the prohibition of weed.

Once California votes on the proposition to legalize marijuana, it will have a domino effect on the rest of the nation and other states will follow suit. I imagine sometime in the nit to distant future where we will have a marijuana civil war which pits the states for and the states against marijuana legalization against each other. Protecting and enforcing a differing state law at state borders will become increasingly important to states and the united states federal government. I feel that some states may create harsher punishments related to marijuana as a retaliatory action towards neighboring states.

As marijuana restrictions are dropped from state to state, we will eventually begin to convince our government towards full legalization. Pressure from outside governments may push the feds further in the legalization direction seeing as How other countries may see a huge benefit to the legalization in the US. We already get most of our pot from Mexico and Canada anyway… now they would be able to claim it to be one of their major exports to the united states.

Get involved people! Now is the time!

Get the fuck off yo couch!

Support NORML.

Don’t get busted for pot – free tips

Smoking marijuana to most Americans an enjoyable and relaxing recreational activity.  It’s not hard to understand why.  It is safer than alcohol, yet your favorite relaxing method is illegal.  Yea, its bullshit… but wake up and face that getting busted for smoking or holding a little marijuana will still get you in some pretty deep trouble.

Since that recreational activity can get you busted, it is very important to know a thing or two to defend yourself against the law.  There are many websites that can give you tips on how to act, what to do and what to say to lessen the chances that you will get caught, and ultimately be served some kind of punishment for smoking a plant (cigarettes are much worse and 10 times as addictive, IMO).  One such website really stands out.  “Never Get Busted Again” by Barry Cooper, provides a short list of free tips to never get busted again for using marijuana. 

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Pressure to Legalize in Pennsylvania.. another one bites the dust.

The issue is coming to your doorstep.  Whose state will be next?  I know that my state will probably be one of the last to reform their laws on the use of marijuana, but it doesn’t stop me from cheering at news like this. There is now a bill in the Pennsylvania House that would legalize medical marijuana. First medical marijuana, then recreational use… then THE WORLD!!

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NORML Deputy Director Speaks to Fox News

This is an great video about the current state of “the war on drugs”, failures of marijuana prohibition, and the actions of local police, and governments as well as comments on federal actions taken against dispensaries.  This is one of the few times I will say it was pleasant watching a Fox news broadcast. 

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The greatest bong ever!

Messias Illusion Single Perc Bong

Messias Illusion Single Percolator Bong

Dude, you have to buy this bong. It is by far the nicest thing I have ever smoked out of.

The percolator is cool and everything, but what I love is that it was my first real bong purchase, and the first ice bong I have ever owned. If you have never smoked out of an ice bong, you should either by this shit right now… or find a friend that has one.

Look at the glass work on this guy

Messias Illusion Single Percolator

Check it out in action!

Sale Price: $ 97.04

Buy Bong

LA cracking down on dispensaries

I have often had day dreams of opening up my own weed dispensary. I think it is a very progressive and legal way to bring weed out into the public eye. We can all see the effect it had in California as they vote on marijuana legalization in November. The number of dispensaries in California dramatically increased over the past 5 years despite frustrating interventions from the federal government. I believe that the states should make their laws as they see first and the federal government should keep their noses out of business which I, as a full blooded American, feel they have no business being in.

The explosion in the number of dispensaries is common sense. A legal way to sell pot? I’m there. I feel that its great that the states are seeing the benefits o marijuana use and that these unique businesses have found their own little niche. The city of LA does not seem to believe in survival of the fittest when it comes to local business. The Sun published an article that stated that many LA dispensaries will be forced to close their doors simply because the number of dispensaries have gotten out of control. TAKE A HINT! the people know what they want, and have had to deal with bogus prohibition for too long. If there is 5000 dispensaries in a given area, and they are all able to survive due to the demand of these types of businesses…. where is the problem.

If their were too many dispensaries, my years of education tell me that due to the laws of supply and demand, some would be forced to close solely because of the amount of demand for medical marijuana would be spread too thin because of the large number of dispensaries. If the 5000 can operate comfortably while making a decent profit, then honestly… who the fuck cares.

I feel like the state government should welcome the extra revenue brought in by this rush of new business which never existed before! You can only fathom the hundreds of thousands that the local governments in California are raking in. This is all money that goes back to the public (a little anyway!) In the form of public services.

What’s the big deal LA? intends to be the first place you go to buy bongs on the internet. We will cover the coolest bongs and have useful information on how shop for bongs, build bongs, and anything else you can think of that is in any way, shape, or form… bong related.

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